Brave new world

My journey into DevOps has been strongly influenced by my career path. My career has always involved developing solutions or products for clients or internal organization units. For example, early in my career at Ryerson, we were exploring interactive television technologies and trying to understanding the significance of what these new technologies will offer to the Toronto media community. This typically entailed creating a prototyping environment and exploring new software or creating new functionality in applications. Sometimes the addition of new software or features in the application would eventually break the environment. The environment would have to be rebuilt to a known configuration and work would commence again.

Defining DevOps

Attending many meetups in the Toronto area, it is not too hard finding companies that have been adopting DevOps into their environment. Out of the various conversations from panelists, expert speakers and general audience, the term DevOps means different things depending on the person and organization. Just like the early days when Internet-of-Things (IoT) was maturing, a lot of people had different viewpoints and taxonomies they wanted to apply to IoT. Eventually, the technology and ideas of where IoT is going evolved and there is a better grasp on the term IoT. DevOps is going through the same evolution.