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My name is Salim Haniff and I am a currenly employed as a DevOps Practice Lead. Currently, my skills are being utilized in the cyber-security sector offering services in securing infrastructure to conform to industry compliancy standards. The main focus is on re-engineering the work-flow to match the secure DevOps ideology. This entails redesigning the servers to follow the dev/stage/production flow and training staff on how to use them, utilizing open source tools to develop a CICD pipeline and using configuration management tools to quickly create and configure servers.

Whether it is fixing multimedia projects that have gone completely sideways, undertaking an IT project that seems rather daunting or re-engineering servers to match new business objectives, my extensive background working in many industrial settings has given me the skills, confidence and knowledge to tackle the majority of IT projects.

The IT field never stops advancing and neither have I. I am always keen on learning new technology and applying them to projects.